So you want a job as a Network Security Analyst? Network Intrusion Detection Practice

Acronis Cyber Protect

Network security analysis takes a lot of experience, the best way you can get real world experience is by setting up your own testing environment lab. Download WireShark and TCPDUMP – these tools will be used to monitor live traffic you will generate. Make sure you have some type of Virtual Machine software and here are a few sites that have vulnerable software you can attack and log as well as exploits to use.

Setup Metasploitable on VMware

  • Password : msfadmin:msfadmin
  • Download and install syslog-ng
    • Add host/ip to Linksys router
  • Setup Metasploit on Windows
  • Setup XAMP on Windows VM
  • Setup Damn Vulnerable Web App on VM
  • Setup FTP server on Windows PC

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