Are your printers secure? Cyber Security Video how Hackers are hacking Printers and Backdooring them

Watch this hacker find an unsuspecting target – A PRINTER! and compromise it using the web admin portal and load tools onto the printer to further compromise printers and use a DDoS tool from the printer. Most assessments that I have been on and through consulting I have made it a priority to print a … Read more

EnCase Computer Forensics Demo Tutorial of the Investigative Suite – Cyber Security Video

EnCase is the shared technology within a suite of digital investigations products by Guidance Software. The software comes in several products designed for forensic, cyber security, security analytics, and e-discovery use. The company also offers EnCase training and certification. Please follow and like us:

Autopsy Digital Forensics Platform: Free Digital Forensic Software on Windows – Cyber Security Video

Autopsy™ is a digital forensics platform and graphical interface to The Sleuth Kit™ ( and other digital forensics tools. It can be used by law enforcement, military, and corporate examiners to investigate what happened on a computer. You can even use it to recover photos from your camera’s memory card. Please follow and like us:

Learning Computer Forensics Tutorial | FTK Forensic Toolkit – Cyber Security Video

Forensic Toolkit, or FTK, is a computer forensics software made by AccessData. It scans a hard drive looking for various information.[1] It can for example locate deleted emails[2] and scan a disk for text strings to use them as a password dictionary to crack encryption.[3] The toolkit also includes a standalone disk imaging program called … Read more

Shell Upload RCE (CVE-2015-8562) Joomla 3.4.6 – 5.6.13 Vulnerable to Attack – Video PoC

A critical remote code execution(RCE) vulnerability was discovered in Joomla! websites. This is making a lot of noise because of the following reasons. It appears that attackers started exploiting this even before the disclosure(0-day). It is very easy to exploit this vulnerability. Almost all the versions of Joomla are vulnerable under with certain conditions. At … Read more