KeyGhost (Software Free) Keylogger for Penetration Testing USB Keyboard Keylogger

KeyGhost (Software Free) Keylogger for Home Use:

The KeyGhost™ Home Edition at a glance?

 Easy to install in a few seconds! Simply plug it in and record everything that is typed on the PC.

 Injected moulded to look like an EMC Balun.

 KeyGhost (software free) keylogger even captures and displays key combinations such as Ctrl+C, Alt+F and Ctrl+Alt+Delete, making it easy to understand exactly what was typed.


 Keylogger can be installed even when the target computer is logged out, has a password, is locked or switched off. Hardware keylogger powered from the computer. It doesn’t need batteries.


 The device can be unplugged and the keystrokes retrieved on another computer.

 Over 128,000 keystrokes can be stored in non-volatile flash memory (same as in smart cards) that doesn’t need batteries to retain storage.

 It features looping memory so you will never miss the most recent keystrokes.

 Works on any desktop PC & all PC operating systems, including Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Linux, OS/2, DOS, Sun Solaris and BeOS.**

 No software installation is needed at all to record or retrieve keystrokes. Keyghost is completely software free. Recorded keystrokes can be played back into any text editor using our ‘keystroke ghosting’ technique.

 Plugs into computers with a small PS/2 keyboard plug or a large DIN plug.
(Please note: PS/2 -to- Large Dinn adaptor are required to convert KeyGhost hardware key logger to plug into the older style large DIN socket).

 Unlike software (and free) keystroke recorders, KeyGhost records every keystroke, even those used to modify the BIOS before bootup.

 Impossible to detect or disable using any software, even the scanners that are free to download on the internet.


The KeyGhost™ Hardware Keylogger Specifications

External KeyGhosts (Stand-alone Type)
External KeyGhost Home Edition 128,000 Keystrokes
$ 89
External KeyGhost Standard 500,000+ Keystrokes
$ 99
External KeyGhost Professional 1,000,000+ Keystrokes
128 bit
$ 149
External KeyGhost Professional SE 2,000,000+ Keystrokes
128 bit
$ 199
Security Keyboards (All brand name with KeyGhost hidden inside)
KeyGhost Std
Security Keyboard
500,000+ Keystrokes
$ 129
KeyGhost Professional
Security Keyboard
1,000,000+ Keystrokes
128 bit
$ 219
KeyGhost Professional SE
Security Keyboard
2,000,000+ Keystrokes
128 bit
$ 299


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