Emissary Panda / TG-3390 / BRONZE UNION / APT27 / CVE-2019-0604 to exploit SharePoint servers AntSword & Awen Webshell

Associated Group Descriptions Name TG-3390 Emissary Panda BRONZE UNION APT27 Iron Tiger LuckyMouse CVE-2019-0604 to exploit SharePoint servers to gain initial access to targeted networks. We would like to acknowledge the possibility of an overlap in the AntSword webshell, as we stated that Emissary Panda used China Chopper in the April attacks and AntSword and … Read more

SideWinder APT Group Exploiting CVE-2019-2215 Google Play App Camero, FileCrypt Manager, and callCam

SideWinder advanced persistent threat (APT) group, report Trend Micro’s Ecular Xu and Joseph Chen in a blog post. Sidewinder, a group detected by Kaspersky Labs in the first quarter of 2018, primarily targets Pakistani military infrastructure and has been active since at least 2012. Security researchers believe the threat group is associated with Indian espionage … Read more